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Ob Dolmetschen, Übersetzen oder Untertitel – Behördengang oder Konferenz, Artikel oder Vertrag.

Da sind Sie bei mir genau richtig – ich berate Sie gern!

Senden Sie mir einfach unverbindlich Ihr Dokument oder Ihre Anfrage per E-Mail zu und ich erstelle Ihnen ein individuelles Angebot.

Alle Dokumente werden ohne Frage vertraulich behandelt.


You need an interpreter, a translation or subtitles? Then I am the right contact.

Whether it is an appointment at the authorities, a conference or the translation of an article or the creation of subtitles, just send me an email with the document or a request and receive a non-binding, tailor-made quotation. All documents are treated confidentially, of course.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


¿Necesita una intérprete, una traducción o subtítulos? Pues, yo soy la persona indicada.

Sea una visita en las autoridades, una conferencia, la traducción de un artículo o la creación de subtítulos, simplemente envíeme un email con el documento o la consulta y recibirá un presupuesto no vinculante y hecho a medida. Por supuesto, los documentos que me confía serán tratados con toda confidencialidad.

Estaré encantada de ayudarle.


Feel free to get in touch or book an appointment directly:

What do dance and communication have in common?

Imagine the following scene: It's the opera ball and the women's election has just begun. How unusual would it be to say, "Hello, I'm Marie, 35 years old and a bookworm." Rather, the lady adapts to the situation and asks, "May I have this dance?" Then nothing should stand in the way of the dance. But as the saying goes, "It takes two to tango." Both partners must move harmoniously and synchronously. The more perfectly they master their profession and read their counterparts, the more elegant the interplay. All these elements can also be found in good communication. Anyone who doesn't pay attention to cultural manners quickly comes off as a snub on the international stage.


As international communication is becoming increasingly important, both privately and professionally, I would like to assist you and facilitate a barrier-free interaction with your counterpart. I am Nadja Gläser - conference interpreter (M.A.) and translator (M.A.) with the working languages Spanish and English. In addition to my linguistic and professional qualifications, I place particular emphasis on empathy, the ability to interpret body language and diplomacy. Thanks to a one-and-a-half-year stay in Spain and many contacts to people from Latin America, I know the culture and customs of the countries first-hand and know what is important when it comes to communication.


Apart from languages, dancing is my great passion. Both metiers require constant development, self-reflection, flexibility and patience. However, while in dancing you get direct feedback through a mirror, in interpreting and translating the communication partner takes over this role indirectly. It therefore takes a lot of experience and sensitivity to respond quickly and appropriately in a conversation. Because language is so essential to a culture, using it the right way can often make all the difference between a successful business meeting and an embarrassment. What excites me about interpreting and translating is the familiarization with subject areas that are unfamiliar to me. The big challenge then is to reproduce what was said or written in context without translating word for word. The art of abstraction in turn leads back to dancing, where individual steps finally merge into a smooth movement.


As a member of the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ), I am excellently networked with qualified and professional colleagues. So if you need a service in a language that I don't offer, I can help you as well. Furthermore, as a sworn interpreter for the Spanish language and authorized translator for the Spanish and English languages, I also provide support when things get dicey.


With me at your side, nothing stands in the way of your international communication and you can venture safely onto the slippery parquet.




Interpreting is the oral translation of a spoken text into another language. There are different types of interpreting that can be used, depending on the individual situation. Whether it is an international conference, meeting, negotiation, training or court hearing, professional interpretation is always possible.

I offer interpreting in the language combinations German<>Spanish and English>German. As a state-approved interpreter, I interpret at court in the language combination German<>Spanish.

No matter for which occasion you need an interpreter, I will be happy to accompany and advise you!

Send me an enquiry by email or call me and I will provide you a non-binding quote tailored to your needs. FAQ Interpreting can be found here.

What types of interpreting are there?

Section by section, your speech will be interpreted into the other language.

Your speech will be interpreted into the other language almost in real time (simultaneously).


Whispered interpreting:
A speech will be translated into your ear simultaneously and as quietly as possible.


Liaison interpreting:
Whether negotiation, business lunch, company inspection or interview etc. - I am your bilingual companion,
to make the conversation with your business partner or your guests possible.


Court & Police:

Even if things get dicey, I'll be by your side as an interpreter. Whether in court or police, negotiations or interrogations, you can count on me as a sworn interpreter for the Spanish language.


Community interpreting:
As a sworn interpreter, I can also accompany you to other state and public authorities and support you in your concerns. Whether registry office, youth welfare office, immigration office, etc., I am the right companion.


When translating, a text is transferred in writing from one language into another language.
I offer translations in the language combinations German<>Spanish and German<>English. FAQ Translation can be found here.



  • Business

  • Fashion

  • Film & Theater

  • Tourism & Culture

  • Education & Teaching

  • NGO & Politics

  • Law

  • Certified translation of official documents and certificates


Do you need a professional translation of, for example, contracts, certificates, screenplays, articles, brochures or other documents? I can help you there!
I would be happy to translate the texts you require.

Just send me a request with the documents to be translated by email and I will send you a non-binding and individual cost estimate.

Certified Translations

I am a translator authorised by the President of the Potsdam Regional Court for the Spanish and English languages. This means that I am a state-approved translator and can produce certified translations of official documents and certificates. For translations from or into Spanish, it is important to know that I am registered as an authorised translator for the language combination German<>Spanish at the Consulate of Spain in Berlin. FAQ Translation can be found here.


No matter what kind of documents you want to have translated:

  • testimonies

  • birth certificate

  • marriage certificate

  • death certificate

  • certificate of divorce

  • register entry

  • certificate of no impediment

  • judgements

  • registration certificate

  • driver's license

  • criminal record

  • tax notice

  • insurance history

  • contract

  • power of attorney

  • deed of sale

  • etc.

I am happy to assist you with my expertise and professionalism.

I work professionally, correctly and carefully and serve customers throughout Germany, even at short notice. My translations are recognized by all authorities.

Your advantages:

  • Fast & convenient, simply online – Just send me your scanned documents in good quality and fully legible by email and I will send you a non-binding estimate for your certified translation.

  • Professional and precise – With my solid university education and authorization as a translator for Spanish and English, I guarantee accurate and professional translations.

  • Safe delivery – I will conveniently send you the original translation by registered mail to your address. It is also possible to pick up the translation in and around Potsdam.

Do you need a transcription of a speech or subtitles of a recorded speech?

You've come to the right place!

I will be happy to support you in creating and proofreading your desired subtitles or transcription.


Quality & Professionalism

  • member of the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ)

  • member of the Association of Conference Interpreters in the BDÜ (VKD)

  • sworn interpreter for the Spanish language and authorized translator for the Spanish and English languages by the President of the Potsdam Regional Court

  • regular participation in further training courses of the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators



VKD junior program - Mentee of the junior program for young conference interpreters in VKD​

Master of Arts in Translation Sciences from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Several stays abroad in Spain for several months

Master of Arts in conference interpreting at the University of Leipzig

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Philology and Economics at the Humboldt University in Berlin


“Mrs Gläser is amazing! She did an excellent job of translating a rather tricky text for me under considerable time pressure. She responded very quickly to my request. And most of all, she listened - that's how some details and nuances flowed into the translation that turned a good text into an excellent one. Extremely professional! Knows immediately what is important. And the prices are more than fair. I really can only recommend her!!!"

Victor H.



Do you have any questions or would you like to receive a specific estimate? Feel free to contact me!

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Or book an appointment directly:

Thank you for your message.

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